Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pampas without the pompous

Pampas is a word from the Quecha language (Andean South America) for plains, the area which the grass takes both its name and heritage.

Visually, it evokes not only the Southern pampas but the African savannahs, Japanese gardens, Mediterranean coasts, and California fusion. It's grand yet not overpowering; it can be as subtle or assertive as the plan dictates.

It evokes both wet and dry lands, both arid and tropical, warm and cool.

It billows. It screens. It's flexible.

Left to grow, it may rise to nine feet.

But can be trimmed to submit to any design. Its texture integrates well as it embodies both soft and sharp, light and heavy.

And once established it's extremely drought tolerant. Perfect.

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