Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Doors of (a New) Perception

Doors are more than a transition; They've become an accessory in themselves. Below, the Outline from Lualdi. Note how the door is not flush within the frame but extends beyond the plane of the wall and into the room.

The Drive from Lualdi below, a sliding door system utilizing a telescopic track installed directly on the wall. Rather than disappearing into the wall when opened, the door remains a visual feature of the room.

The Rasomuro Collection disappears, continuing the plane of the wall.

In this interpretation, the line of the door undulates.

Above, from the Zen Collection of GD Dorigo includes laser etched graphics.

Other variations of texture, color, and style:

Again from Lualdi, the Swing Collection, using glass to create transparency, luminosity, and depth.

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