Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Shock of Color 2

Even a slight touch of color on a black field can have explosive impact. Here, the soap becomes the visual equivalent of a cosmic black hole by overpowering the space around it. Unlike the black hole, it does so with subtle elegance.

Color may come in the form of something small and changeable: A tray, a throw, an accented base board, or a vase.

In a field of color its absence creates impact.

Contrasts: Color, surface elevations, hard and soft, solid and liquid, organic and ordered.

Light, as a source or in reflection, can also accomplish extraordinary things.

In a jungle of off-whites and subdued tones, fuchsia petals dominate.

Texture with color also creates a compelling accent.
(No less than the red liquid in the bottle.)

A suggestion of red over the window, the pale green of the bench, and the tinge of yellow in the candles all add a dynamic to the dark stone.

Orange against textured green foliage = A comfortable tension.

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