Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Meadow Returns

As the age of the commonwealth comes to an end (so it appears), the survival of greenspace in our cities and towns will depend on reinterpretation.

green space onto new and existing development seems like an idea so fundamental you could almost believe it thought itself up.

Creating buildings to resemble a more natural environment only seems the next logical step.

Beyond the sheer emotional impact of such meadowy visions, there's a long list of economic and environmental incentives as well. (That is, but one: The initial cost.) Green roofing and walls can function as insulation from noise and climate, soil provides excellent water retention and runoff control (even water from drizzles can be recycled) as well as absorption of carbon emissions and ultra violet light; the list goes on and on.

Images from Architetture d'Interni.

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