Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Allure of Blunt Forces II

Is blue the master of a white room?

A whisper of earth tones, breaths of beige and moss green converge with a slightly more assertive cold gray at the boundaries. Accents of dark Rembrandt browns in the table and painting; the muted flatness of the wall hangings; the lines of the floor seem to rise into the chairs, resting as cozily as spoiled house pets. But before the chorus of earthen tones can resonate within us there's the delectable shock of royal blue.

Tones and textures repeat here and there, echoing and resonating. Ornamental trees stand like a parenthetical borders and yet they too must nearly bow before the royal blue ottoman.

Then, turn a corner and discover an alternate universe: The blue, softened now, captures the wall and bows in deference to the white cube in the fore; a canopy chair, a beige screen, and a white canvas all serve as precise support to cube's dominant white.

(Pictures from the British magazine World of Interiors. Respect.)

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